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The supplement to the vocational education qualification (Europass Certificate Supplement) is an annex intended for international use. The Certificate Supplement is used in the same format in all the EU/EFTA countries. The supplement includes information on the qualification and the professional skills and competences the qualification confers.

The Certificate Supplement helps employers and education institutions, for example, to better understand the skills and competences the education has given.

The Certificate Supplement does not

  • replace the original diploma
  • or ensure the recognition of the diploma.

Where can I get a Certificate Supplement?

A student can get a Certificate Supplement from his/her institution of vocational education. All Certificate Supplements are also available from this website and they may be downloaded for printing or saved on your own computer.

Certificate Supplements to Finnish vocational qualifications are available in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French. Certificate Supplement to further and specialist vocational qualifications are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.